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  • Lending Library 

The RCCS Lending Library includes toys, games, puzzles, books about parenting and caring for children, DVDs and large play equipment. For Family Child Care Program, contracted providers only, long-term loans of easels, cubbies, tables and benches, and infant furniture are available.

Lending Library Curriculum Kits:

Amphibians and Reptiles Kit bilingual 

Animals bilingual Kit 

Birds and Ducks bilingual Kit 

Community Workers bilingual Kit 

Dinero-Money Spanish Kit 

Money Kit English 

Dinosaurs bilingual Kit 

Early Math Kit - bilingual 


RCCS service area licensed Child Care providers, License-Exempt/In-Home providers who are contracted with a subsidized child care program, Parents and licensed Foster Home providers may borrow any library item. CFCC program contracted providers may borrow RCCS Curriculum Kits. All library users will be required to fill out a contact sheet prior to using the lending library.

  • Licensed providers may borrow a maximum of 4 items total at any time (4 puzzles or puppets or book sets count as one item). Long-term loan items do not count towards the maximum of 4 items.
  • License-Exempt/In-Home providers may borrow a maximum of 2 items at a time, for the first three months they are providing contracted care. After 3 months of beginning contracted care, these Providers may borrow a maximum of 4 items (per A. above).

For how long can items be borrowed?

  • All items, except equipment loans, are available for a maximum of 28 days. This may be extended for an additional 28 days as long the item has not been requested via our waiting list.
  • Book and DVD loans for other borrowers:
    Subsidized parents and other community members in the RCCS service area may borrow up to 2 resource books (for one month) and 2 videotapes/ DVDs (for 1 week).

Can I request an item?

If you would like to borrow an item that is not in, you can request to be put on a waiting list. When the item comes in, RCCS staff will call you to come get the item. You have one week to pick up the item.

Responsibilities of Library Use.

In order to preserve the materials and ensure that everyone gets a chance to use them:

  • Be sure the children are properly supervised when playing with the toys and that the children are playing with toys meant for their age/developmental level. We have found that damage often occurs when older children play with toys meant for young children and vice versa. Toys meant for older children can be unsafe for younger children. Be aware of the smaller toys meant for older children that can be a choking hazard for children under three.
  • Store all items indoors or covered from the rain, in a safe place.
  • Clean toys and equipment before returning them.
  • Check contents list to be sure all items are accounted for.
  • Remember to return the items on time. Some items may be renewed. If an item is overdue and not renewable, no more items can be borrowed until the overdue item is returned.
  • We expect materials to show signs of wear and tear with use, and we just ask that the borrower use reasonable care with the equipment.
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