River to Coast Children's Services believes that all families, regardless of income, race, religion, national origin or geographic location have the right to safe, nurturing child care based on an awareness of the principles of developmentally appropriate practice. We also believe that healthy, well-functioning family units are vitally important for each child, the parents, and society in general. Therefore, we offer a variety of services that, together with child care and children's activities, lead to positive growth for children and their parents.

For Families

  • Childcare referrals & payment assistance for eligible parents.
  • Guidance on choosing quality childcare.
  • Referrals to Sonoma County family services: healthcare, housing, etc.
  • Activities & events: Kindergym, workshops, celebrations.
  • Newsletters on community events, health, parenting, and more.
  • Low-cost Child Safety Seat Program.
  • Emergency Resources: food, formula, diapers (call for availability).
  • Counseling for children and families.

Additional Services

  • Child advocacy at all government levels.
  • Childcare statistics and resources.
  • Support for childcare providers: referrals, training, resources.
  • Quality enrichment for licensed Family Child Care Homes.

Emergency food & Supplies

Emergency Essentials at RCCS

Need food, diapers, or basic medications?

River to Coast Children's Services offers these essentials for low-income families in West Sonoma County.

For specific items like lice treatment or formula, please call ahead to ensure availability. Visit us Monday-Friday, 9AM-5PM at 16300 1st Street, Guerneville. For more info or item requests, dial 707.869.3613.


Kindergym in Forestville by RCCS!

Join us every Thursday, 10AM-12PM at The United Methodist Church, 6550 Covey Road. Perfect for children aged 0-5 accompanied by an adult.

Enjoy fun activities, connect with the community, and learn about child development, health, and more! Questions? Call 707.869.3613.

Subsidy Programs

Subsidy Programs Overview

RCCS has programs/funding sources as described below. For more detailed information, please call RCCS.



1. CFCC - California Family Child Care Program:

Service: Licensed Family Child Care homes affiliated with RCCS, including some in Santa Rosa.

Funding: California Department of Social Services, Child Care Development Division.

Child’s Age: Under 13; under 21 for children with exceptional needs.

Benefits: Subsidized care for eligible parents working, studying, incapacitated, or homeless. Priority for children at risk of abuse or with Child Protective Services.

Additional Info: Participating homes are monitored by RCCS specialists. Parents receive biannual conferences and developmental profiles for their children.

2. CAPP - California Alternative Payment Program

 Service: Care for eligible families with working or studying parents, or those facing challenges like homelessness or child abuse risks.

Funding: California Department of Social Services, Child Care Development Division.

 Child’s Age: Under 13; under 21 for children with exceptional needs.

3. CalWORKs Child Care Programs:

Service: For families receiving/received TANF cash aid. Offers care while parents undertake approved Welfare-to-Work activities.

Funding: Sonoma County Human Services Department & California Department of Social Services, Child Care Development Division.

Child’s Age: Under 13 (21 if the child has exceptional needs).

Eligibility: TANF recipients in Sonoma County or those who received aid in the past 24 months.

Note: No waiting period for eligible enrollees.

Contact RCCS for detailed program info or to clarify funding source relevant to your needs.


Family Counseling Program Overview

Organization: River to Coast Children’s Services (RCCS)

Services: RCCS offers short-term counseling for:

  • Families receiving Respite or subsidized child care from RCCS.
  • Families in RCCS-contracted child care homes (non-subsidized).
  • West county community families needing counseling or those referred by community agencies.


Trainees, MFT interns, and licensed MFTs, supervised by a clinical expert.

Therapy Modes:

  • Individual or couples therapy for parenting and family life issues.
  • Play therapy for children (3 years and older).
  • Individual therapy for youth (up to 14) about family relationships.
  • Focus on parenting, family relationships, and preventing/treating child abuse.


  • Open to those who request or are referred, based on need.
  • Priority is given to families receiving Respite care, then those on subsidized child care, followed by non-subsidized families in RCCS homes, and lastly other families in the West County community.


  • RCCS staff, Board members, certain volunteers, and their families.
  • The policy aims to maintain a clear boundary between RCCS roles and therapeutic relationships, ensuring unbiased service and a neutral therapeutic environment.

Reasons for Counseling:

  •  Behavior or emotional concerns regarding children.
  •  Parents seeking skills in parenting, coping, or conflict resolution.
  • Family undergoing significant changes or traumas.


  • Workshops, trainings, and brief consultations on child behavior and parenting are available, limited to three sessions. Further needs are referred elsewhere.
  • Initial consultations are free for private providers; subsequent ones have a fee.


  • Sliding scale based on family income and size.
  • No denial of services due to inability to pay.
  • No fee for RCCS contracted providers; private providers receive free initial consultations.

For further details or to initiate counseling, contact the RCCS office.


Tax Program

FREE Tax Preparation by RCCS

Eligibility: Households earning $70,000 or less in 2022.

Duration: February 1, 2024, through April.

Location: Drop-off sites by RCCS.

Citizenship: U.S. citizenship not mandatory.

 Check Eligibility Details: [United Way Wine Country Eligibility]

Required Documents for Drop-off:

  1. . Original Photo ID (for taxpayer and spouse).
  2. Original Social Security Card or ITIN for everyone on tax return (copies allowed).
  3. W-2 or 1099-NEC from all employers.
  4. All 1098’s, 1099’s, 1095-A,B,C, and other tax forms.
  5. Banking details (for direct deposit refunds).
  6. 2022 tax return.
  7. Childcare provider details.


  1. Collect your TAX PREP PACKAGE from RCCS, 16300 First Street, Guerneville.
  2. Complete the forms and return them, along with the needed documents, to RCCS for drop-off.


For further details or queries, call RCCS at 707.869.3613.

Car Safety Seat

Car Safety Seat Program

  • Service Offered: Car safety seat checks and installation training.
  • Contact: Schedule your car safety seat check and learn the proper installation technique.
  • Eligibility: Open to low-income families in west Sonoma County.

Program Features

  • Expert guidance by Certified Car Safety Seat Technicians.
  •  New car seats available at a low cost of $20.
  •  Discounted booster seats for older/larger children.

California Car Seat Laws

  1. Children under 2 years old: Must ride in a rear-facing seat unless they weigh 40+ pounds or are 40+ inches tall. Compliance with car seat manufacturer’s height and weight guidelines is required.
  2. Children under 8 years old: Must use a car seat or booster seat in the back seat.
  3. Children aged 8 or reaching 4'9" in height: Can use a booster seat but must at least have a safety belt.
  4. Passengers aged 16 and above: Subject to California's Mandatory Seat Belt law.

When to Upgrade to a Booster Seat?

  • Avoid rushing the transition from a harness to a booster.
  •  Transition when they surpass the weight or height limit of their forward-facing harnesses, typically between 40 and 65 pounds.
  • Children should use belt-positioning booster seats until they are at least 4’9″ and between 8 and 12 years old. Adult safety belts are not designed for children and may pose a risk.